1.  What areas do you service?

We live in Spring, TX near Louetta and Kuykendahl.  We try to stay within a 20 minute drive for basic visits, but we will travel further for overnight stays for 2+ nights.  Our normal service area consists of Spring, Tomball, the Woodlands, etc.

2.  What kinds of animals do you watch?

We have cared for dogs, cats, small mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles so far.  If you can show us what to do, we can do it.  We are not put off by certain breeds or types.

3.  Are you insured?

Yes.  We are insured and bonded for in-your-home pet sitting through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (PSA).  I can email you a copy of our certificate upon request.  You can also call PSA at 855-737-1598 and ask about Member ID 63920.

4.  Can my pet stay with you?

Maybe.  Nearly every pet that I’ve ever cared for has been less stressed, better behaved, and simply happier in their own home.  We travel to them.  But if your pet needs to be away from home, we are insured to take them into ours.

5.  Can you visit more than once a day?

Yes.  If you are within 10 miles of our home, we can visit up to 4 times a day.  If you are further out, I can live out of your home while you are away as long as you have Wi-Fi.  My other business is online, so I can work anywhere with a solid internet connection.

6.  What is a typical visit?

A typical visit is about 30 minutes long and usually involves potty time, litter box cleaning, feeding time, refreshing water, giving any medications, walking the dogs, giving love to the personable kitties, bringing in your mail or newspapers, etc.  We will come up with the plan together and I follow it.

7.  Can you stay at my home overnight?

Yes, as long as you have high speed internet and don’t smoke.  We’d figure out if it’s an option or not within my initial meeting at your place.

My longest live-in job (aka overnights) so far has been 12 days.  During overnights, I am basically living out of your home.  That means that I will leave frequently during the day to do my other pet sitting jobs, run errands, spend time with my friends and family, etc.  In short, popping in and out of your home during the day and then sleeping there every night.  If you need around the clock care for a special pet, you may want to find somebody more stationary.

8.  What do you do in case of emergencies?

In our initial meeting, you will let me know if you have a specific vet and you will give me an emergency contact if you are going to be more than an hour away.  In an emergency, I’d try to contact you or your emergency contact while taking your pet to the nearest animal hospital.  If that isn’t your vet, I would call them to request that they forward your pet’s records.  You are responsible for any vet bills that are incurred that aren’t due to our negligence.

9.  Can you send me pictures while I’m away?

Yes.  In fact, we automatically text a picture and/or a text during each visit, so you should let me know when we should NOT to contact you while you are away.